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Are you thinking to bring about positive change and tackle stigma in your organisation?

Would you like to develop a more inclusive workplace?

At in2gr8mental health Ltd we offer tailored consulting services to NHS trusts, professional bodies, training courses and other organisations to bring about change for the better from within the system. Unfortunately, mental health stigma is still widespread and our work has showed us that mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health difficulties can face stigma and discrimination in the workplace. Many mental health professionals speak to us about how there can often be an expectation to leave a part of their identity (their lived experience) at the "professional door", because of the stigma that still surrounds it. 

We work from the premise that we are all human, regardless of our job role and responsibilities. Professional training does not make us immune to the challenges that life can bring and our lived experience of mental health difficulties can be used as an asset both in our own individual journeys and, if nurtured, valued and supported, in the organisations we work within. Our consulting services can help organisations think how to bring about change at a systemic level so that individuals working within the organisation can feel supported, valued and nurtured in all aspects of their personal and professional identities. 

We offer a range of consulting services including, but not limited to:

  • Advice on policy development;

  • Helping you create and manage staff networks centred around lived experience of mental health difficulties;

  • Advice on job adverts and recruitment;

  • Increasing organisational awareness of lived experience of mental health difficulties in mental health professionals;

  • Helping you set up and promote inclusive supervision and reflective spaces for staff.

Through our work we know that many mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health difficulties decide to leave the NHS and other organisations due to the negative impact stigma can have on their mental health and identity. Through our consulting services we help to promote more inclusive organisations that have better awareness of lived experience as an asset to the individual and the organisation. By creating better cultures, we can have a positive impact on recruitment and retention.


If you would like to discuss our packages further, you can get in touch with one of our directors via email or by using the booking form below. We would be happy to guide you through our options and create a tailored consulting package to best suit the needs of your organisation.


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