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What is the in2gr8 forum?

Our forum is aimed at trainee or qualified/registered mental health professionals, with lived experience of mental health difficulties. Lived experience of mental health difficulties covers those who have a diagnosis of a mental health difficulty and those who don’t, but all will have sought mental health support as necessary to their mental health. Support covers public or private mental health services, community or inpatient provision, support from a single therapist or from a team.  


You are amongst those who may be in practice or resting from it, may be able to work or not work currently, be located in a Trust, in a local authority, in the third sector or in private practice. You may be moving between roles and posts. in2gr8mentalhealth has its strength in being there when crossing the boundaries of good times or difficult, but also that it is independent of workplace. The most important thing is, we are there to provide a space wherever you are in your journey, to stay connected with others in the mental health profession. This connection is essential to navigating and forming our identity when being both a provider of help and someone who has needed help.  


We are here in solidarity to be alongside each other, to help find a footing on what can be a tricky path navigating the mental health scene; tricky due to provider stigma, let alone mental health stigma. Support is important, and stigma can get in the way of asking for help if you need it, but also, it stifles talking about the value of lived experience, how it might have deepened practice, been formative in practice decisions because of wanting to make things better or because of being inspired by how good things were for us. It doesn’t help us share our “jewels from the caves of suffering “ as written by David Gilbert in The Patient Revolution, the personal transformations, our flourishing as a counter-narrative to incompetence, danger or weakness. 


We should be able to integrate our lived experience of mental health difficulties in our conversations with supervisors, managers or team without fear of censure, we should be able to hold a mirror up to what we purport to stand for to those who come to us for help: recovery, destigmatising, trauma-informed, to the inside of our own professions and workplaces, and not find it lacking. in2gr8mentalhealth has always taken a systemic stance, we gather peers for a supportive safe base for discovery and exploration, which may lead to energising further safe exploration ‘out there’ finding allies to tackle the pillars of the mental health scene in this: professional bodies, Research institutions, Trusts and Trainings; this is part of Natalie’s work and our work at in2gr8mentalhealth. 


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