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At in2gr8mentalhealth Ltd we offer mentoring specifically focused on themes centred around lived experience of mental health difficulties in mental health professionals. We recognise that as a mental health professional with lived experience of mental health problems, it is often difficult to find safe spaces to discuss issues that can arise in navigating your personal and professional journey and we aim to provide an independent and impartial space, away from work and training courses, to help you explore topics related to lived experience and your role as a mental health professional. 


What is unique about in2gr8mentalhealth Ltd is that all of our mentors identify as having their own lived experience of mental health distress and therefore will be able to provide reflections and advice based on their own lived experiences and not just professional training.  

Our mentoring services are open to trainees and qualified registered mental health professionals. If you would like to know more, get in touch or book an online/telephone chat with one of our directors at the link below.

in2gr8 mentoring can include, but is not limited to: 

  • Navigating options and choices around sharing (reasons why you want or need to share, your right to privacy, level of detail, process/ content decisions, context in which you are sharing, to whom you are sharing, response needed or wanted etc....); 

  • Helping you develop and understand your narrative and “hot spots” for protection – what to share and what to keep private; 

  • Thinking about different recovery points and choice around sharing (e.g. when people are very poorly they might have less choice around sharing or not); 

  • Navigating organisational policies and lines / limits of confidentiality; 

  • Sharing as part of the therapeutic relationship – navigating professional / therapeutic boundaries; 

  • Integrating your lived experience into your professional role – how to do this safely and confidently in an organisation so that you can used your lived experience as an asset to your role; 

  • How to negotiate sharing in supervision and line management – navigating issues around sickness policies and fitness to practice concerns; 

  • Self-care, work and organisational pressures.  

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