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Dream Team Call Out For in2gr8

This tweet about forming a team at in2gr8mentalhealth went out this morning, from Founder Natalie Kemp.

Are you interested?

🔽 Dear In2gr8mentalhealth members/supporters. I've hit a wall & need help. If you had time to help form a team(max 8)to brainstorm how to take @In2gr8mh forward,wld you be interested?I'm good at leading on vision/ethos/speaking but rubbish at funding/structural.LIVED EXP OF MH ESSENTIAL! 2/We would use Zoom or Skype and I can divvy out some of the £300 I got donated to pay each person a token amount of £10 each for their time...I know it'll barely pay for a stamp, but I'm adamant some pay or other is important and practice what I preach. 3/I can't promise we'll get to a solution soon, I can promise rich discussion and an exploratory space where all of your input will be valued,gratefully received and fully acknowledged. I need many lights on getting the @In2gr8mh entity sorted into some kind of company. 4/If you're interested in building out a platform from a good foundation,supporting mental health professionals w lived experience of MH problems,formalising a work offer of support & destig. workshops from what I've done&expanding it,let yourself be known!I've got good contacts! Contact me on subject line = *dream team* 🤗

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