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Incubating Good Business at the University of Hertfordshire

We are building a solid business foundation at in2gr8mentalhealth with expert support from the University of Hertfordshire Enterprise Zone.

I met my Business Incubator cohort this morning who will help to develop in2gr8mentalhealth. The Enterprise Zone offers us access to expertise in Law, market scoping, marketing including filming support and much, much more.

It is the first time that I've spoken about my lived experience of breaking down outside of the mental health arena and in a business focussed group with people from all different sectors. Although I was a little nervous, I am used to telling the origin story of in2gr8 as developing from my own lived experience, so for me, it is an integrated part of the work. Although we'll all be in different stages of our journeys of why we are sharing, and what we need back from others (ie sharing if in distress and needing a therapeutic response), I have got to the stage where I am simply proud of what I bring to what I do and how I have managed things; indeed it has brough me additional connections with others on the subject.

Over and above my attendance at the cohort, Anna and I have been assigned individual business mentoring together from a experienced lawyer, management consultant and HR expert. This is fantastic for all those IP questions, contract proofing, making your gap analysis of the market, what the market wants of you and what is sustainable.

We are building out with all expertise to back us, to make sure that what we offer is as solid as a business, as it is in our professional and lived mental health experience. We are committed and serious about systemic working to help support, destigmatise and value lived experience in the mental health scene.

We are excited about the forthcoming year and we will continue to show that it is possible to flourish around difficult personal events. We are hopeful to be able to offer something good in these difficult global circumstances. This is all possible due to a European Regional Development Fund secured by the University of Hertfordshire to help them help start-up businesses. They are as serious as we are, and the support is lovely.

Find your mission, find your different supports, your tribe, and be unapologetically tenacious!


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