A badge to represent the valuing of lived experience of psychological distress in the mental health professions. 


We see the experience of psychological distress as having the potential for personal wisdom and growth.


We pass on our experience that pain can be transformed with help that is meaningful to each individual.


We fully support our sister 'Only Us' movement, that there is no 'them and us' when it comes to experiencing mental health problems, we are all in it ,supporting each other together. None is immune. We are all human and fight mental health stigma together.


This badge is to show that you have a professional ally who knows the bravery of working through personal pain.


Wear your badges together! You can find the 'Only Us' badge here: https://www.buttonbadges.co.uk/smiley_teary_badges.html

in2gr8mentalhealth badge

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  • Not suitable for young children, this has a pin at the back to secure the badge.




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