• Natalie Kemp

How do you stick your neck out without getting your head chopped off? Workshop: psychological safety

How do we get real about being able to speak out from the inside when teams are stuck, in disagreement, members fear denigration or feel silenced?

It can be the most important thing to do. How do you stick your neck out without getting your head chopped off?

The answers are held in everybody's hands in that system, from the senior to the junior. All have a place to make sure teams understand 'psychological safety' and enact it behaviorally.

It is vital for all of us to feel valued, respected and able to flourish in our professional competencies. To be able to contribute and learn with, and from each other as equals to any task at hand, especially in times of uncertainty. To stand in the face of increasing levels of harassment and bullying in psychological services (as cited in the results of the 2017 staff wellbeing survey) and diminish the misuse of power and attendant threat. We must get own house in order.

Looking forward to co-facilitating a workshop at 1330 tomorrow 22nd March at the New Savoy Conference. My colleagues will be Dr Amra Rao, consultant psychologist  and trainee clinical psychologist Elisabeth Summers. 

Dr Natalie Kemp

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