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#in2gr8talesfromthedivide are amalgamated, anonymised stories we hear from our peers through the years who are travelling the fallacy of the us / them divide in mental health services.


We represent a choir of voices who speak out against the stigma of experiencing mental health difficulties as mental health professionals. This is not only thinking about the experience of seeking support sometimes, but also seeking structural change in how lived experience is viewed and valued.


The Mental Health scene must understand the inherent humanity of those who work within it. 4/4 of us are humans first, we have always experienced mental health difficulties in the face of life's challenges, we are now, and we always will; in some places people may like to wish that wellbeing policies might erase this human truth.


Working compassionately with our vulnerability, and valuing the experiential knowledge it brings, should be inherent in any system. 


In this way, there is no 'us and them' as our fellow 'Only Us' campaign would say. We agree.

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