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in2gr8Mentoring and PeerSpace

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A mentoring relationship at in2gr8mentalhealth is a space where we can connect together about the experience of navigating the provider mental health scene with lived or living experience of mental health difficulties ourselves.  Whether it is individual or small group peer mentoring, our mentees have given us great feedback on how it has felt like a relief to talk to someone who knows.

We consider our main client to be the mental health system and professions themselves, which have been stigmatising and excluding of those of us with mental health difficulties. We will help to validate the impacts of this, which can be isolation and feeling 'less' than other professionals.  


We offer one - to - one or PeerSpace mentoring in a small group of up to 8 people.


Both are monthly, the one to one meetings can be one off check-ins or a series of meetings, whatever feels helpful. Our PeerSpace groups will become a monthly drop-in space from September 2024, please see our recent blog for more information.

Who can access in2gr8mentoring?

Our mentoring services are open to any aspiring, trainee and qualified or accredited registered mental health professionals (Registered Mental Health Nursing, Psychologists, Counsellors, Psychiatrists, Mental Health Social Workers, Mental Health Occupational Therapists). You will have lived or living experience of mental health difficulties, that means having experienced mental health difficulties for which you have sought private or public services or therapy for support. You may be in work, not currently in work, or between workplaces. You may be anywhere in your personal journey with your difficulties.  


We recognise that it is often difficult as a mental health professional to find spaces that understand what it is like in our current culture, to be both a provider and seeker of support. We offer the space to explore and we debunk 'Fitness to Practise Fear' which can often be at the heart of some people's worries. We are peers who are open about having lived/ing experience of mental health difficulties as professionals ourselves. We are experienced in navigating the barriers, themes and feelings that can arise and the systems around us in this area when we present with our humanity. We provide a lived perspective and can help reduce the feeling of isolation that stigma will want to perpetuate: we won't let it.

For more information about in2gr8mentoring, click here to access our introductory guide to one to one and Peerspace mentoring.

Current PeerSpace Book- In

This booking link is for a current PeerSpace programme ending in June. If you are enquiring about the new Drop-In PeerSpace which will run from September 2024, please use our contact inbox to send us a message and not this link. 

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