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in2gr8Mentoring and PeerSpace

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A mentoring relationship has the main aim of supporting the mentee to reflect and build confidence so that they can understand more about the environment they find themselves in, and take control over their own personal and professional development, both in and outside of the workplace.

At in2gr8mentalhealth we offer in2gr8mentoring, this is one-to-one mentoring, or our PeerSpace mentoring in a small group of up to eight people. We are flexible and offer one-off check in sessions or more, depending on what your goal is. All mentoring requests start with a free discussion to find out if this fits for you. Get in touch to find out when our next mentoring slots or PeerSpace groups are running.

Who can access in2gr8mentoring?

Our mentoring services are open to aspiring, trainee and qualified registered mental health professionals, and registered or accredited therapists, also those aspiring to be in the mental health professions. You have lived or living experience of mental health difficulties. You may be in work, not currently in work, or between workplaces. You may be anywhere in your personal journey.  


We recognise that it is often difficult as a mental health professional to find safe spaces to discuss issues, including intersectionality, that can arise in navigating your personal and professional journey when it comes to your lived experience of mental health problems. We provide an independent and impartial space to help you explore. We are peers who are open about having lived experience of mental health difficulties as professionals ourselves. We are experienced in navigating the themes and feelings that can arise and the systems around us in this area. We provide a unique perspective and can help reduce the feeling of isolation that stigma will want to perpetuate. We won't let it.

For more information about in2gr8mentoring, click here to access our introductory guide to one to one and Peerspace mentoring.

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