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in2gr8mentalhealth advocates for the valuing, destigmatising and supporting of lived experience of mental health problems in mental health professionals. We work from the premise that we are all human and mental health problems are common in our human population, regardless of your professional role. Here at in2gr8mentalhealth, we work with peers, training courses, professional bodies, workplaces and NHS trusts (the "pillars" of the mental health scene), offering a range of services from individual support to training and consulting for organisations, from the heart of our lived experience and experience of navigating the complexities that arise as part of being a mental health professional with lived experience of mental health difficulties. All work is undertaken virtually unless explicitly agreed otherwise within covid-safe work environments.


We offer one-to-one and PeerSpace group mentoring for those with lived experience of mental health difficulties who are mental health professionals, trainees or those aspiring to join the professions. We recognise that as mental health professionals it can be difficult to find safe spaces to discuss our lived experience. We hope to provide a space to help you navigate the complexities that can arise in our personal and professional journeys. 


We offer consulting services to workplaces including NHS Trusts and private organisations, to promote more inclusive work cultures where lived experience of mental health problems is valued, detigmatised and supported at an individual and organisational level. We offer individualised packages to best suit the needs of your system. Visit the consulting page to find out more. 

Learning & Development Centre

We offer a programme of workshops and training sessions, including webinars and talks, centred around destigmatising, valuing and supporting lived experience of mental health difficulties in the mental health professions. These can be tailored from reading seminars, workshops to talks for a large conference audience. We are happy to talk to you about your needs.

Our Forum

We run a members-only, private peer-support forum for mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health difficulties. The Directors moderate the forum and also join in with discussions. Members are screened on application and are anonymous in the forum. Click below to find out more and for information on how to sign up. 

Multi-Trust Staff Mental Health Network

We are in discussions about facilitating a group space for Leads of NHS Trust Staff Mental Health Networks across the country to come together to share best practice. If you are an NHS network lead, or you are thinking of setting one up, do get in touch on our contact page  


We are currently in the process of developing our advocacy services for mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health difficulties who might like support in the workplace. Watch this space for further updates.

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