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Welcome to our subscriber-only resources

Enjoy our subscriber access resources, we are delighted to bring you unique content on navigating the path of having lived experience of mental health difficulties as a mental health professional.


We have plenty of free content to check out too, available in our in2gr8productions menu pages - our art gallery exhibition sponsored by Thrive Arts which was part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, and our 'In Conversation With...' series of 5 episodes interviewing with different mental health professionals about their mental health experiences, from the UK, the US and Australia.

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So you're training to be a clinical psychologist? Lived/ing experience of mental health difficulties and clinical psychology training.

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Aspiring towards a career as a mental health practitioner? Taking your lived/ing experience with you.

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Webinar 3

Occupational Health and Human Resources: What it's like to navigate employment systems as a mental health practitioner with lived/ing experience of mental health difficulties.

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Webinar 4

Challenging mental health stigma in the mental health professions: whole systems working. 

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