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What is in2gr8mentalhealth?

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How in2gr8mentalhealth began

in2gr8mentalhealth Ltd is a centre for valuing, supporting and destigmatising lived experience of mental health difficulties by modelling the core strength and value of lived experience directly from the heart of its leadership. 


in2gr8mentalhealth was originally formed by its Founder Dr Natalie Kemp, after she broke down whilst practicing as a clinical psychologist and experienced unwarranted stigma and shame in a mental health scene that should have known better. The organisation was born from a need to directly challenge provider lived experience stigma and enable supportive peer connections and voicing in order to directly undermine stigma’s power to silence and shame.


We work systemically, our Directors engage with the pillars of the mental health scene: professional peers with lived experience, those who use services who aren't mental health professionals, professional bodies, university/training courses, and workplaces/NHS Trusts.

Experiencing mental health difficulties is common and human. Those who enter the mental health professions are also human and not immune. Many enter because of their lived experience, harnessing their compassion in their work to help others. All who bring lived experience into the mental health scene have gifts to offer from their lived experience which are valuable in deepening personal wisdom, professional practice and improving the systems we have contact with.

Since its launch in October 2017, in2gr8mentalhealth has emerged as an influential body on the mental health scene in the UK and was conferred 'Pathfinder' status in staff mental health and wellbeing by the British Psychological Society. In May 2020, in2gr8mentalhealth formalised as a limited company to expand it's offer.


in2gr8mentalhealth is powered by its peer network of mental health professionals with lived experience, including practitioner psychologists, mental health nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, accredited therapists and counsellors. We embrace an activist, destigmatising and educational stance which is psychologically and lived-experience informed.

Our Vision

Mental health professionals' lived experience of mental health difficulties is valued, supported and destigmatised by all pillars of the mental health scene, embracing the humanity of its workforce.

Our Mission

To be a centre for valuing, supporting and destigmatising lived experience of mental health difficulties by working directly with the pillars of the mental health scene through: peer mentoring, training, consultation, research and public engagement.

Our Values

  • We value, destigmatise and support lived experience of mental health difficulties in mental health professionals. 

  • We witness and honour each person's individual journey with their mental health and what is helpful for them.

  • We believe in the destigmatising power of sharing lived experience narratives.

  • We know that anyone can struggle with mental health difficulties given life's challenges and have personally meaningful recovery. We are all human and none are immune; lived experience is common in the mental health professions.

  • We stand against mental health discrimination in all its forms.

  • We believe that lived experience of mental health difficulties can deepen personal wisdom and enhance clinical practice.

  • We believe in working systemically and raising many voices to challenge mental health stigma in the mental health scene.

  • We believe in mutually supportive relationships with those who have lived experience of mental health difficulties who are not mental health professionals.

  • We stand against any denigration of any people based on their mental health, distress or vulnerability.

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