in2gr8mentalhealth is run voluntarily. Your pennies from a donation or a badge from the shop, will go towards keeping up the running of the website and forum.

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in2gr8mentalhealth Badges

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The in2gr8mentalhealth badge stands for:

  • the valuing of lived experience of psychological distress in mental health professionals, we are currently challenging the historical stigma of this in systems around us. 

  • the knowledge that we are all human, and that none is immune to mental health difficulties under challenging circumstances, no matter what role or profession we hold. 

  • solidarity in knowing the bravery it takes to face fears.

  • paying forward the hope and compassion we've learned from personal experience that facing fears is possible, leads to personal strength and personal wisdom.

  • that what we learn and reflect on from our own lived experience of distress as mental health professionals, can enhance our practice.  

  • solidarity with our sister 'Only Us' movement, that there is no 'us and them' when it comes to experience mental health difficulties, that we are all in this together. Wear together with the 'Only Us' badges. You can find the 'Only Us' badges here

All proceeds go towards running the in2gr8mentalhealth peer support web forum and groups.

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