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Writing From The Heart at in2gr8

Are you a regulated mental health professional with lived experience of mental health difficulties?

Do you also hold another marginalised identity?

We are actively seeking new members to join our writing project. The project aims to reduce the isolation, stigma and systemic toxicity experienced by regulated mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health difficulties. We hope to do this by sharing our own experiences of these issues and of our recovery journeys.

We are looking for expressions of interest from qualified, regulated mental health professionals who hold an identity marginalised in the mental health professions and who also have lived experience of mental health difficulties. You would feel able to write about your own experiences of the intersectionality of identities and lived experience in the mental health professions. You will become a member of our lovely, supportive lived experience writing group - we’re all in it together. You will have a choice as to whether you want to share your identity publicly or not as one of the writers - all members of the group have this choice.

Dr Helen Taylor and Dr Ali Cooper are Leads for the Writing Group at in2gr8mentalhealth. They are fuelled by passion from their lived experience for the work here at in2gr8 and we are humbled to have them. Helen and Ali are both clinical psychologists with lived experience of mental health difficulties (we've all trodden that lived path here), you can read more about them on our Team page. Helen is also our in-house funding guru and is doing amazing things to help get us on the funding map. Frankly, we're a little bit over excited about all the lights we now have in the room.

If you are interested in the Writing Group please connect with us, we welcome any questions you might have about the project and your role in it.

Please contact Helen Taylor or Ali Cooper Co-Leads for the in2gr8 Writing Group, or


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