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And That's A Wrap! 🎬 in2gr8mentalhealth 'in conversation with' series completed!

And that's a wrap! 🎬 😃

All episodes of the very conversational 'in conversation with' series completed!

What a labour of love!

From in2gr8mentalhealth, to all the contributors from the UK, the US and Australia, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your journeys as mental health professionals with lived experience, with us, and soon, with the world.

The series has been grassroots home-spun during covid lockdown, with post-production funded by kind donations to our original Crowdfunder - thank you so much to those who donated. We were determined to keep the message of supporting, destigmatising and - most importantly - valuing lived experience going, despite it all. At in2gr8, we believe that nothing less than a chorus of voices can help shift stigmatised attitudes - we will help raise silenced narratives for change.

The first episode will be released when #in2gr8mentalhealth launches on 14th September, join us live at 7pm that evening to find out more about the series and also our new offer to the mental health scene; joining details will be released shortly.

Thank you to all who support us, no one does this work alone.

Natalie and Anna

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