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Writing Into New Beginnings

Birmingham yesterday... the power house writing group that has developed at in2gr8. The industrious emotional labour, the heartwork that calls double time on your energy, the extensive skill, psychological nouse and mutual care and nourishment put into the space to allow all the feelings in order to help transform them, and the scene... It needed the drive home and a good night's sleep just to let it all sink in this morning. How amazed do I feel that these people have trusted our space to come together to do this. Humbled doesn't cut it. I have a full heart and very serious gratitude. What we are trusted with is precious and will be well cared for. I don't feel that it is a coincidence that we found ourselves 'randomly' in room 101 in the Custard Factory, nor that I needed to take home all the big writings in bin bags. We are working with the shit in the mental health scene and we have been put through the shit. We know that the only way to deal with shit is to stand fully in it and sort it out. We were up to our elbows in it together yesterday, caring for all the feels and staying thinking. Do you know what a feat that is? It was heroic in my mind. No one moved away from any of their experiences, and we all helped each other makes sense of it, wrapped our knowledge around it. We fired off all cannons to do the work. I have never felt so proud in my life. Our people are precious to us and we will advocate and support them with all our might, engaging in activism and collaborative learning to do so. It might feel strange to hear we have some compassion for the mental health scene in all it gets wrong for its professionals. How can we do that when we've been hurt? Because we know exactly how frightening and threatening it can feel to deal with vulnerability and pain, and want to cast it out to the edges of experience. Well, we also know how to safely centre it again, so we'll help the scene do it. Yesterday, something powerful began its journey of creation like the first deep pulsation from a new star's birth. I watch and engage with it as it develops. It is developing its own burgeoning force shaped by those around it. It will cast a clear beam of light into the darkness.

Here is a short video about the birth of a stars and how it can 'raise the curtain' on a new world. If you listen, you will hear in metaphor all the things that we work with at in2gr8mentalhealth within a powerful mental health scene, and our hopes at the end. .



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