'In conversation with' series

in2gr8productions was developed as a way to operationalise in2gr8mentalhealth's central value of empowering a choir of peer voices to speak out in effective anti-stigma work.


in2gr8mentalhealth has collaborated internationally with mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health difficulties. We are delighted to release our 'in conversation with' series, comprising 15 episodes that will be released weekly at 7pm on Monday evenings. Our first two episodes air on 14th September 2020 on our YouTube channel. You can also view the series on this page. The series will remain available publicly as a playlist and it is hoped it will be a compelling resource for training.

The series covers discussions about mental health difficulties, including suicidality and self-injury. If you are under 18, we reccommend that you watch this series with adult supervision. 

If you or anyone you know needs help finding support, please visit our support page

We would like to thank all contributors to the series from the bottom of our hearts for sharing their narratives with us and the world. We believe that this series will join with other efforts to help destigmatise lived experience of mental health difficulties in the mental health professions, help us to talk about issues of intersectionality together, and gather around our common humanity: anyone can struggle with their mental health in the face of difficult life challenges.


A special thank you to MindWick for managing our post production. This series was lovingly homespun by us at in2gr8mentalhealth during the coronavirus lockdown. We reached out to each other with as many home resources as we all had to keep the destigmatising message alive at a time when this has become even more important to hear. You will notice that some videos have poorer audio or visual quality, MindWick have done their best to polish it up for us and they have been a dream to work with.


If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us by visiting our contact page

The episodes will be released weekly below and on our YouTube channel




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