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On the eve of #TimeToTalk day - to mental health service providers...

Our fellow careforce workers in the Ambulance service set a fantastic example for mental health service providers.

Can mental health providers and their professional bodies be beacons for humanising the experience of distress in response to terrible things that can happen to all of us in life? No matter which chair we sit in in the therapy room?

Anyone can need to be the recipient of support, including professionals. It shows wisdom and courage to identify your needs and reach out to find places where you can get what you need to recover. 

In professionals, it shows the very competence we are asked to demonstrate in clinical settings, to know yourself, be reflective, see how the depths of your own struggles offer so much to hearing the struggles of others with deep compassion, know your ethical practice, and know your own humanity. We are not robots, robots could not do such meaningful and compassionate human work.

When is it our #TimeToTalk about these particular set of strengths that we have? When do we stand up and campaign alongside the others, by including ourselves in the picture of shared humanity?


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