• Natalie Kemp

Thirty tickets released for the first in2gr8mentalhealth meeting, April 17th at UEL

Dear members (and those to be) of in2gr8mentalhealth, agenda details for our first meeting April 13th are on our member's home page. Log in and go to www.in2gr8mentalhealth.com/memberhome

That we exist as a forum,that we are trying a first meeting,that we might meet face to face (or Skype) is powerful in itself. Gently as we go🤗 Do come and join us at our website if you wish to attend the meeting at UEL if you are a mental health professional with lived experience of mental ill health. You can use the forum and browse the media, members news and meeting details. We have 30 places maximum and tickets are free. 

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in2gr8mentalhealth is run voluntarily. Your pennies from a donation or a badge from the shop, will go towards keeping up the running of the website and forum.

Thank you from us all!!