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Sunday's in2gr8mentalhealth Tweets

"If we start 'eating into' the us/them professional/user divide in #mentalhealth just by the fact that those who are 'both' exist, what might happen for service users, professionals, services, #NHS Trusts, training, professional bodies, Regulators? A new way of thinking?" 


"Society likes to put problems into certain familiar vulnerable places, 'those' less advantaged people, so the rest carry on having expunged their anxiety and any lurking sense of responsibility. Does the them/us divide in #mentalhealth echo any of this? " 

...with reference to the  article  below in The Independent

"We must address the socio-economic causes of mental illness if we really want to tackle the problem"


"We continue to welcome #RMNs and #mentalhealth #socialworkers with lived experience. We are developing links into these professions to make sure lived experience is valued @BASW_UK @theRCN 

Mike Bush is a valued colleague to me in his work setting up the inter- professional support network for personals with lived experience at a strategy level. I patch into this group about @In2gr8mh Mike's  article  on lived experience and a network.


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