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The Unexpected Utility Of Post-it Notes

Developing in2gr8mentalhealth happens on post-it notes during my Mon to Thurs recovery admin job. And then I have Friday to focus. 

It's actually proved an unexpectedly good way to capture ideas when they spring up for development, formulation about whats going on in the LE practitioner mental health scene, and campaigning, as they fall out of my head. 

Pile them up and you've got talks and an organisational manual of some sort...but kind of more fun looking! 😁 This is what my day to day looks like. 

It's good to actually write things with a pen/ pencil rather than make some e- note somewhere.  I need to be able to hold on to something tangible whilst exploring. 

Also,  discussions recently with have sparked of further some thinking, and I fear losing it whilst not embedded in mental health all the time.  However, it is an advantage to be outside of the biz too for sure,  in2gr8mentalhealth is an outside space where all about it can be challenged and thought about. 

Dr Natalie Kemp

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