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Workshop for clinical psychologists: Taking responsibility for valuing and supporting psychologists&

A September workshop is being held by Amra Rao, Chair of the Faculty of Leadership and Management at the Division of Clinical Psychology and Dr Natalie Kemp, clinical psychologist and Founder of in2gr8mentalhealth, to generate discussion within clinical psychology about how we can both support and value lived experience of mental health difficulties in the profession.

We will be asking these questions of those in the workshop: 

What part are we playing in perpetuating stigma?

Do we value lived experience and vulnerability in our profession?

What would a community of support look like at individual, professional and organisational levels? What role can you play?

We are at a time when lived experience in the profession is being increasingly spoken about. Campaigns like in2gr8mentalhealth and personal narratives on social media are attempting to destigmatise whole systems to make it easier not only to ask for support, but also to help people feel that they don't need to leave their lived experience in shame at the professional door. 

It is also an attempt to apply good practice and hopeful, meaningful, transformative narratives within our profession, as thoughtfully as we might for those who seek help from us. When we attend well to, integrate and honour our own lived experiences of distress within, we are only strengthenend in our authenticity to be alongside others. We have a responsibility for what we are modelling as a profession.

The workshop is free and open to DCP members only. Register here soon as the deadline is 15th September:

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