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How Do We Assess Our Own 'Fitness To Practice'?

Dr Sarah Verity, Paediatric Neuropsychologist and Associate Clinical Lecturer, is interested in the mental wellbeing of clinical psychologists who are registered with the HCPC. Please see how you can help her gather information via a short survey below. in2gr8 will be involved with her work.

Sarah writes...

It can be difficult to know how much stress or distress we are feeling when we are in the middle of a challenging or unwell period. Our registration with the HCPC requires us to be aware of our ongoing fitness to practice, yet there is no definitive guidance on how to self-assess fitness to practice in respect of mental distress for clinicians.

We are interested in exploring potential interest in and benefit of a clinician-led self-use tool and/or guidance to support clinicians making fitness to practice decisions for themselves. This is going to take time, collaboration, and lots of support from our colleagues and community, so we are grateful for any help you can offer us. We designed an initial survey to take FOUR minutes to complete. This is so that we can gather data from as many people as possible at this stage. We plan to gather some more in-depth data in focus groups and individual interview further down the line.

If you could help us by completing this questionnaire, we’d be glad of your help. Complete via the QR code in the attachment or via this link:

Please support Sarah in this work if you have 4 minutes!

Team in2gr8

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