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"in2gr8mentalhealth talks" in Liverpool

Dr Natalie Kemp, clinical psychologist, will be speaking about founding in2gr8mentalhealth, a forum for mental health professionals with lived experience of mental ill health, as part of her recovery from a breakdown.

Camilla Hogg, trainee clinical psychologist and member of in2gr8mentalhealth, will talk about her journey from being a peer support worker, to trainee, and her lived experience of mental ill health.

Natalie and Camilla aim to destigmatise and humanise the experience of mental ill health. The talk is located in the community room at the Caledonia pub in Liverpool. Natalie and Camilla will welcome discussion, thoughts, experiences and questions. Some themes might be mental health stigma, balancing self and other care in the healthcare professions and what we understand about a perceived 'us (service user) and them (professional)' divide in mental health services. You are warmly invited to take part, and then theres's a bar downstairs!

This talk is public but requires a ticket from this website, as places are limited in the community room at The Caledonia. Please show your ticket to gain entry. Eight people have purchased a free Earlybird free ticket through Eventbrite - that ticket is valid for you to use so do not buy another one here. There are 40

Get tickets (£5) at our public talks page!

Thank you for your interest

in2gr8mentalhealth is voluntarily run, If you would like to offer a donation to help support the development of the forum and peer groups, please go to our Crowdfunder page

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