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Opening up conversations about lived experience in clinical psychology training 

I'm really looking forward to going back to the University of Leeds on Thursday to do a workshop with the clinical psychology trainees, this will be the second year.

We'll think about the systems and contexts we work in and the positioning of lived experience of mental health problems across our ranks and throughout the mental health scene.

An important part of my in2gr8mentalhealth work is for me to engage with professional bodies Trusts and training courses, working systemically to help change narratives around lived experience of mental health problems in our mental health profession.

It's about all of us considering together how we value and support lived experience.

Thank you to Salomons Institute, Bath University, Lancaster University, University of East London, University College London and Leeds University for inviting me in to open conversations and challenge how we think since I started doing this heart's work in 2017.

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