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Nourish: for ourselves, for those we care for.


My favourite woods were whitely magical, eerily lit, ethereally beautiful, inches squeeky underfoot and happily deserted this morning. Trees were smothered in snowy finery. I stood in a nook of branches in a small private clearing, in my own soundless snow globe, breathing in childlike wonder at the scene around me, inspired to peace and wreathed in smiles.

Every time I'm in snowy places, no matter my age, this feeling never ages. I grow still, let snowflakes fall on my head and shoulders, soften my gaze, watch them mindfully, wondering if I'll do some Qigong, but this time I don't even want to move or need to, to connect with the energy here, this is internal work alone. I'm filling up with a feeling of joy and gratefulness for the beauty, this gift of beauty in the middle of everyday sameness, greyness, it punctuates our worries for each other and for what the world is suffering. It lifts and buoys my spirits and raises a deep smile to a cold pinched face.

These local woods, in whatever dress they wear through the seasons, nourish my energy. This spindrift, stunning day is a particular gift for the week ahead supporting Health staff in the NHS and mentoring Mental Health staff with lived experience of mental health difficulties here at in2gr8mentalhealth. It is a hopeful, resonant energy which joins with my own assured energy, discovered and cherished during my breakdown experience. It will be cabled into others. The process of giving and receiving energy is symbiotic and cyclical, which is why carers must be nourished as much as those cared for. It's good and healing for us all.

All my experiences mean I mean it when I say, during the most distressing of times: 'I'm here, I'm listening, I'm not going anywhere, I know you can do this'. It means I too can stay the course with some balance.

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