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Stigma, shame and the power of (re)claiming our narratives: Dr Anna Chiara Sicilia

Read my latest blog post (Stigma, shame and the power of (re)claiming our narratives) with some personal reflections on my journey through (re)claiming my narrative on my lived experience of mental health and the power this had for me in shifting the shame and starting my journey to joining in2gr8mentalhealth.

Mental health professionals are often perceived as these "super-human" people who should be "always well", "always contained", "always grounded". When in fact the reality is that we, like everyone else on this planet, are just human beings trying to do our best to navigate this world we live in. The training we have, the books we read, the theories we learn, don't make us immune to experiencing distress. But the systems around us struggle to understand this, perpetuating a negative narrative around #livedexperience of mental health in mental health professionals.

It is an amazing privilege to be part of in2gr8mentalhealth Ltd as a director with Dr Natalie Kemp, Clinical Psychologist, founder, chair and director of in2gr8mentalhealth. I hope that, through our work at in2gr8mentalhealth and through continuing to share our narratives and valuing lived experience of mental health difficulties in mental health professionals, we will be a beacon of hope for those who may feel silenced and afraid.

Thank you to Natalie for paving the way and helping me create a new wonderful path in my personal and professional journey!




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