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We Light A Beacon For Those Who Fall

Updated: May 26, 2020

I'm on our crowdfunder watch and barely slept as it crept up. People in the mental health scene on Twitter and via our Facebook page are giving their money to help me do a video series interviewing different mental health professionals with lived experience, to bust the stigma out there, and to show how common it is that people's own experience of help can often inspire them on a path to help others.

My 'mental health Twitter' has been a wonderful homeland for this work since I launched in2gr8mentalhealth I'm October 2017...and I'm very excited. I've got 8 professionals booked in for the series. Three initial interviews done. It's a shame we can't do it under studio conditions, but it's just too hard at the moment and people are spread across the country, but we do what we can!!!

Now more than ever the spotlight is on the mental health of Health staff in general and I'm hoping that those of us who have always been there, experiencing hard times and recovering and being competent practitioners, can light a beacon through for any who fall. All those in the in2gr8mentalhealth network are here for them.

If you can help us reach our target we would be so grateful. See our Corwdfunder page here. If we exceed our target, all monies will go towards helping our start-up business as i2gr8mentalhealth transforms into a Ltd company.

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