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In2gr8mentalhealth Are Crowdfunding!

in2gr8mentalhealth is voluntarily set up and run. I would like to see if we can gain some funding specifically for those peer members who wish to meet, but are on low or no wage because they are in recovery and can't afford the travel! Can we get help to subsidise those who need it to come to our first peer meeting on13th April in London?

I know well how going through mental ill health and recovery can have a severe impact your bank balance, so, I have launched a Crowdfunder to see if we can get them some help. I will be personally responsible for making sure the funds are used appropriately. There are links directly to our Crowdfunder page from our website.


The crowdfunder will continue to run ongoing to support all sort of events and talks we'd like to host to:

1. Destigmatise mental ill health in the mental health professions

2. Question the idea that there is a 'them and us' 'divide in mental health services, where professionals are immune to mental ill health and service users are always and only vulnerable? How can we make sure these roles are understood as flexible and identities are multifaceted?

3. Question where 'vulnerability' is held in mental health systems, and is it only the individual who should be 'self caring', or does the organisation also have a responsibility through providing regular, reliable, psychologically informed supervision about the processes of how mental health work 'works'. What about training for managers and service designers in this to make sure they understand the emotional labour of the work if they have not themselves been mental health workers?

4. Understand the growth and learning and personal wisdom that comes from experience challenging times and trauma. Those who have suffered and recovered offer compassion and work from the heart to help alleviate pain in others. They know that recovery is possible and that challenging can lead to flourishing.

4. Provide support to peers who are mental health workers who are experiencing mental ill health, to destroy the shame and isolation that comes often with this experience. None should struggle alone


Thank you for your interest and support as we grow and find our feet.

With all warm wishes in cold times,


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