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The importance of belonging

Take a look at the video on social identity and identity theory. 

...So, if you are a mental health professional with mental health difficulties, self categorizing reflexively to social identities is hard as no obvious social group exists, increasing isolation, stigma and challenging feelings. Where do you belong? Who around you can identify with how you are feeling, your celebrations? Your challenges? Your gifts? Your grit?

Hence peer groups and modelling. There is interest in developing the in2gr8 peer group in London (our second meeting on 6th July, details on members event page) and one in Glasgow and Suffolk. 

Would you value a peer group for mental health professionals with lived experience in your area, attached to the central in2gr8mentalhealth community web forum?

If so email me at I can build a webpage for each peer group to arrange meetings and share themes and thoughts. 

We have a growing community here from all places in the UK who may be interested in this. 

I'm all ears.



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