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In2gr8mentalhealth As Systemic Intervention

As multidisciplinary voices in in2gr8 gain confidence, gather round and grapple with sensitive and tender issues of the personal and the professional in Mental Health, I'm witnessing the beginning of what may be a growing platform for expertise in traversing the borderlands of this in professional practice. 

In2gr8mentalhealth in 2019 may become more than the peer support, safe space to share and think about lived and trained expertise in mental health, it may become a place that can consult out to help mental health systems. 

It is a gentle process. First it's one of trust, then exploration and safety,  then of speaking. 

Anyone who knows or is interested in attachment theory will understand the conditions for how to bring a voice to strength from vulnerability. Setting the safe conditions and responding to changing needs is important. The messages and expertise within are not the province of one person, they are a result of discussion and a shared understanding. No one person will hold the 'answers' here, it will be a collaboration of voices and experiences.  

What is coming up on the inside feels like it will need expression 'out there'. There are many ways we can do this together when ready. 

There is no systemic learning without a feedback loop into main mental health systems. It is about readiness and opportunity. In2gr8mentalhealth will not be hived off, only protected, thriving as it does in the context of feelings of unsafety.

Dr. Natalie Kemp

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