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NHS Staff and Learner Mental Wellbeing

I'm starting to gather good examples of mental health support policies and provision for learners in universities, as background to my UCL Unit for Stigma Research  work on developing good practice guidance for trainee clinical psychology wellbeing and mental health support. If you know something in this area that impresses, please do link me to it. Email me at or

This will be of particular interest to Health Education England following their February 2019 report on  NHS Staff and Learner's Mental Wellbeing . Apart from a brief mention in the Stevenson and Farmer report ' Thriving at Work ' (October 2017),  this is the first time those training in their clinical subjects have been considered as a part of the recent staff wellbeing policy movement. 

It is my personal hope that during the course of this work I may hear about the valuing of the lived experience that trainees and students may bring to their future clinical roles, we'll see. I'll be keeping my ears pricked. 

Dr Natalie Kemp

Founder In2gr8mentalhealth 

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