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Calling all allies!

The response to our first survey of our community has been humbling, heart-warming and downright activist rocket fuel- we are delighted to have heard from so many of you already!

We have had some feedback along the way and so have tweaked the survey as we go to capture that. We heard from many people who support what in2gr8mentalhealth stand for, but who aren't necessarily regulated mental health professionals with lived experience. Some are stakeholders on the mental health professional scene, some have passions around anti-stigma work and mental health, some work in research, some lovely people simply like our social media channels and want to help.

With all that in mind, we have made some additions to the survey to capture not only those at the heart of our mission (regulated mental health professionals with lived experience) but all those who stand beside them.

So, if you stand beside us in our mission to destigmatise, value and support lived experience in regulated mental health professionals and want to support how we develop as an organisation, complete our survey here.

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