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Counting the Cost of Living: Discounts and options for Peerspace mentoring

If you are interested, come along and book a conversation with us to explore if Peerspace will be helpful for you. Go to:

Like everyone around us at the moment, here at in2gr8mentalhealth we are grappling with the cost of living issue and what that means for us as a social enterprise organisation. We need to balance our need to cover basic overheads, to ensure the future of in2gr8mentalhealth is safe, with the very real and pressing social justice commitment to our community of regulated mental health professionals, who we know are often dealing with the financial implications that come with mental health challenges. We well know, as always from a place of lived experience, that the two are linked. Poverty impacts on mental health, and mental health challenges, with accompanying stigma and exclusion, often leads to financial hardship.

It is something it has been really tough to communicate to funding bodies, that the ‘professional’ title doesn’t make us immune not just from mental health challenges, but also all the other costs of living in the world today. Yet the reality is stark.

A poll of NHS trusts by NHS Providers has found that 78% of Trust leaders currently feel extremely concerned, concerns about the mental wellbeing of staff given the psychological impacts of the cost of living and the pandemic. In the poll, 61% of trust leaders also reported a rise in mental health sickness absence.

We wanted to do something to address this. We are currently in the gathering and planning stages for our 2 brand new Peerspace groups for the Autumn / Winter and wanted to give you ownership and choice over pricing with some practical solutions.

The decision of which suits your circumstances best, is up to you. Firstly, we are giving you the option to pay upfront for all 8 group mentoring meetings and receive a 5% discount. Secondly, you can also choose between either ‘Benefactor’ or ‘Concession’ rates. ‘Benefactor’ rates of £25 per session mean you are enabling another Peerspacer to receive a concessionary rate, and therefore supporting in2gr8mentalhelath to keep doing what we do in these challenging times. If that doesn’t suit your circumstances right now, maybe you are resting in recovery or at a time of change in your career, you can choose the concessionary rate of £20 per Peerspace meeting.

Our community is a caring compassionate bunch, both towards themselves and each other- we hope these options help you to act in alignment with your values and your own boundaries of what feels ok for you, right now. Let's get through all the tough stuff, as we always have here- together.

PeerSpace group mentoring is for you if you are interested in gathering with your peers to talk about the challenges and celebrations of navigating the regulated mental health scene with your lived/living experience of mental health difficulties. Peerspaces take place once a month, via zoom over 8 meetings. ‘Peerspace 3: Aspiring’ is for you if you are actively working towards a training course for a career in mental health and you also have lived experience of mental health difficulties. ‘Peerspace 4’ is for you if you have already begun training or are a qualified regulated mental health professional, with lived experience of mental health difficulties.

By Dr Helen Taylor, Clinical Psychologist

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