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Dr Natalie Kemp Talks On Dr Natalie Chua's 'Nourishing Wisdom' Podcast

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Natalie Kemp talks on Natalie Chua's 'The Nourishing Wisdom' podcast, about the work at in2gr8mentalhealth, it's birth as part of her own mental health recovery, and individual and organisational relationships to vulnerability.

I am very grateful to Natalie Chua for opening up a lovely space to just talk about a personal and professional journey for me through breakdown, and then our work here at in2gr8mentalhealth. It was a relaxing space to take an overview of many of the themes we consider as we work: vulnerability, splits in the mental health scene, compassion, internalised stigma, fear around sharing, workplace culture. It was like we were sitting in a couple of armchairs with a cuppa, my favourite stance! Natalie

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More about the episode from Natalie Chua via her Instagram...

And some of the things they talk about....

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