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Expanding Towards Our Dream Horizon

We've expanded! Again!

Dr Sophie Allan has joined our lead community here at in2gr8mentalhealth and we are super happy to have her most awesome self on board!

Sophie will be our Research Lead and she has plans afoot for developing our start-up in2gr8Research Group which draws together researchers on lived experience of mental health difficulties in the mental health professions every six weeks. She will also be looking into how we evaluate our own mentoring that we offer, and helping to support clinical trainees who have begun to work with us on their Service Evaluation Projects as a part of their training.

We will also create space for Sophie and her cat to contribute her 'Reading Corner' into our blog here. It's all about what Sophie is interested in in this lived experience scene and we're up for listening - we hope you are too.

The dream horizon? That's what we work to here. Imagine your dreams as a sun in your sky, when it touches the horizon is when it feels eminently closer, almost tangible, grounded in reality. It is the moment where the unreachable you fervently hope for can become graspable and then simply probable as you bend your steps towards it. This expansion draws us ever closer to realising our dreams at in2gr8mentalhealth, to build a robust and empowered community of mental health professionals, with lived experience of mental health difficulties, who are knocking the socks off the mental health scene.

Stigma is running scared, it's been pursued by us for five years and it's getting sweaty and breathless, whilst we're increasing in our shared, dynamic energy and staying assertively, coolly, right on target.


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