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Hello From Natalie, Feedback and a Request For Help :)

Hello on Friday!

I'm Natalie and the Founder of in2gr8mentalhealth, a web forum for mental health professionals with lived experience of mental ill health. We understand the hope and personal growth transformations that challenging experiences can gift, and give back!

I'm reading out some anonymous feedback from the in2gr8mentalhealth forum about why professionals join and what they would like to see developed.. and a request from me for help to think about that, this is a learning platform and part of a new foray into opening conversations about something that has felt like a taboo. But why! If the mental health scene value and actively recruit those with lived experience into services as peer support workers...what's happening when those with lived experience are professionals? There is a discrepancy in values here that is not necessarily deliberate, but may be a disjoint in thinking indicative of learning in it's infancy.

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