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Hello from Natalie, Founder in2gr8mentalhealth, about me, us and our first meeting!

Hello from me, Natalie, Founder of In2gr8mentalhealth, talking about our upcoming first ever meeting, and the creation of in2gr8mentalhealth for mental health professionals with lived experience of mental ill health - as I am myself.

Our community supports the destigmatising of mental ill health, awareness of mental health challenges as common to all humans regardless of role, and we seek to model being able to have positive conversations about being a help provider who has sought help.

We raise awareness of the gifts our own struggles bring to our helping roles, and the wisdom of becoming ace at balancing self and other care in our professional roles.

Find our growing community at: or contact me about my work at:

And...I got my launch date wrong, it was October 2017 not 2007! 😄 No such thing as perfect remember!

Thanks for listening,


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