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in2gr8 PeerSpace Groups Ready To Launch!

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Team in2gr8 takes a quick coffee break as they finalise the PeerSpace group protocol.

We're excited to let our lovely mental health professionals with lived/living experience of mental health difficulties, know it's nearly good to go! All those who have expressed an interest will be sent the details soon - thank you for connecting with us.

The supportive group programme is a space for solidarity and growth. It is full of destigmatising, systems focussed, empowering ingredients, incorporating teaching and reflection time together. We will value what you bring.

It's everything we've learnt from grassroots working at in2gr8 over the past three and a half years, and in our own journeys as clinical psychologists with lived experience being activists in the scene. We know how tough it can be to nav the services we work in and stay true to your authentic self in cultures that can 'other' rather than in2gr8 the humanity of its workforce. We'll help you do this safely whilst preserving your energy.

Groups will run in the evening for a set number of sessions. One to one mentoring is available as an adjunct if you wish. If you are a mental health professional (or aspiring) with lived experience of mental health difficulties, and you're interested in joining a PeerSpace group or one to one mentoring, book an initial conversation on our website mentoring page

We can't wait to do this 😊

Don't forget, we also moderate the in2gr8mentalhealth forum, more details here

Want some inspiration? Watch our 'in conversation with' series where we interviewed mental health professionals from the UK, Australia and the US, about their lived experience of mental health difficulties.

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