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in2gr8mentalhealth PeerSpace groups are prepping for 2021!

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

We'll be bringing people together in small, supportive, facilitated, monthly drop-in groups online.

If you're a qualified, trainee, or aspiring mental health professional, with lived experience of mental health difficulties, and want to be in a facilitated group with your peers to discuss what it has been like to navigate, our new PeerSpace group programme might be for you. Groups will be between six to eight people and each will run for a set number of sessions. The programme will include a supportive, reflective space to share with your lived experienced peers, and time to discuss some important ingrediants we bring from our in2gr8mentalhealth training and policy work on tackling different types of stigma (incuding internalised stigma) in this area together.

We are gathering a list of interested people. If you'd like to find out more about it, go to our website mentoring page and book an initial conversation with us, so we can tell you more about it and you see if it fits for you.

The PeerSpace group sessions will be on Zoom, the charge will be £20.00 per person, per group attended. We will announce the start dates.

We love what we do, we live what we do. In the face of stigma, we hope these groups will be connecting, embracing and useful!



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