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in2gr8mentalhealth Launch of Services and the International 'In Conversation With' Series

Join Dr Natalie Kemp, Founder and CEO, and Dr Anna Sicilia, Director, for the live launch of the new in2gr8mentalhealth


Episode One of our powerful, international

'In Conversation With' series!


Join us on our in2gr8mentalhealth YouTube channel

14th September 2020

at 7pm UK


We'll be introducing you to all things in2gr8mentalhealth,

the new services we'll be offering...


...we'll launch Episode One of the powerful, international

'in conversation with' series!

Dr Natalie Kemp has spent time speaking to different mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health problems from around the world. She asks them what it has been like to navigate a position which has been deeply stigmatised within the registered mental health professions. Only now is the mental health scene beginning to open up to discrimination and inequality about something it should certainly know better ... but it's still early days.

This stigma is what in2gr8mentalhealth was born to change and Covid lockdown hasn't stopped our mission! We've homespun you some incredible narratives which will inspire much needed hope and discussion of the value of lived experience to the professional field of mental health. We are all human, the extent to which we value our lived experience in the mental health professions, is the extent to which we can possibly value true co-design of mental health services with any who use them - we support this wholeheartedly.

We'll be revealing the amazing contributors to the series in the run up to 14th September in our blog and across our social media - keep your eyes peeled!


We very much look forward to seeing you all there.

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in2gr8mentalhealth values, destigmatises and supports lived experience of mental health problems in the registered mental health professions.

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