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Peerspace group mentoring - new groups starting this year!

Calling all those actively working and aspiring towards a career in mental health who also have their own lived experience of mental health difficulties. If you have already begun training or are a qualified regulated mental health professional, with lived experience of mental health difficulties- there is a Peerspace for you too.

We are thrilled to announce not just one but 2 brand new PeerSpace groups starting later this year.

PeerSpace is for you if you are interested in gathering with your peers to talk about the challenges and celebrations of navigating the regulated mental health scene with your lived/living experience of mental health difficulties.

Too often mental health professionals with lived experience of their own mental health challenges, feel isolated and alone- Peer space is one of in2gr8mentalhealth's antidotes to shame and stigma and all their insidious impacts on or community. Gather with us, around all of our unique lived experience of navigating mental health challenges as a regulated mental health professional. PeerSpace will operate via zoom, once a month, on Tuesday evenings 6pm - 7.30pm, over 8 sessions. You will find solidarity and community here, along with a wealth of kindness, experience and hard-won wisdom.

Themes we will explore together include structural stigma, giving back internalised stigma to the professions to take responsibility, intersectionality, busting some myths around lived experience and competence, us vs them, and exploring your choices around sharing.

Our last Peerspace cohort told us the experience was restorative, and the sense of community combatted isolation and shame. They also told us it was so important as a place to feel validated, and celebrated as well as not gaslit.

We know here that this type of peer mentoring is restorative, important and recommend it to anyone who might have internalised any shame or stigma around their lived experience and wants to excise that toxic stuff as they navigate or begin their career journey in the regulated mental health professions.

If you are interested, Contact us for PeerSpaces in Autumn 2023 - in2gr8mentalhealth and book an initial conversation with us to explore if PeerSpace might be helpful for you.



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