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PeerSpace2 Gears Up!

We're spreading the love with our #PeerSpace programme!

PeerSpace1 is underway, and it's an absolute delight to bring people together to discuss the good, the system and the stigma, we're a strong, enterprising and compassionate bunch.

If you're:

  • an aspiring/qualified/trainee mental health professional

  • have lived/ing experience of mental health difficulties

  • interested in destigmatising lived experience in the mental health professions

  • interested in a peer-facilitated, 8 session monthly programme with even more of your peers

  • want to discuss how the personal and professional relates in our current systems around lived experience of mental health difficulties, and any fears, supports or celebrations around that...

Get in touch with us at

More into one to one mentoring? We do that too! Just let us know!

More of a pensmith and want to be in an online, moderated, peer forum where you can post your thoughts? We've got you covered! Go to

With best wishes as always,

From us at Team in2gr8

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