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Providing A Safe Space To Discuss Your Lived And Professional Experience

Our one-to-one mentoring and small group PeerSpace is open to mental health professionals with lived experience of mental health difficulties. We've had some lovely interest.

We have lived experience at the heart of our leadership here, and because of provider mental health stigma, we know what it is like to wonder where you can find a safe space to discuss the intersection of the personal and professional.

You can book an initial conversation online on our website to find out more:

You might be thinking about:

• Navigating options and choices around sharing with colleagues, peers, supervisors and managers;

• Help to develop and understand your sharing narrative and any “hot spots” for protection and emotional safety, these can change over time;

• General reflections on sharing as part of the therapeutic relationship (no identifying case material will be shared);

• Integrating your lived experience into your wider professional role: how to do this safely and confidently in an organisation using your lived experience as an asset. Support to think about work you are doing to increase these opportunities in general in your organisation;

• Reflecting on experiences of self-care, burn-out, work and wider organisational pressures.

• Reflecting on experiences of navigating internal organisational & professional policies ie those of HR, OH or Fitness to Practice. We look at the system around the person and will be interested in how compassionate and supportive the system is around you.

Note: people speak to us at different times in their journey through personally meaningful stages of recovery. We hold in mind people's different recovery points and that sometimes people might have experienced less choice over what has been shared of their lived experience.

A full guide is available on our mentoring page.

You can also email us

All best from us at Team in2gr8


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