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Speaking Out About In2gr8mentalhealth at the Unite #AppliedPsychologistsMatter Lobby of Parliament

It was a powerful day of voicing. I made sure to speak on behalf of those members of in2gr8mentalhealth who have suffered badly from burnout.

Mental health professionals who strive so hard to help others because they love what they do, because it's a vocation and will do anything they can to try and fill the gaps in services.

I focused on the human consequences of fragmenting services due to chronic underfunding of mental health.

Yes we need time to build our capacity as we recover, but we are competent and have travelled in our own wisdom because of the difficulties we have encountered in our lives. Our knowledge of what works and definitely what doesn't in mental health services is worth it's weight in gold. We should be consulting to MPs in my opinion!

Stand strong!

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