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Still time to have your say!

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Is anyone else currently feeling powerless, voiceless and frustrated? I've definitely been struggling with living in a world where so many of us feel unable to influence the things we really care about, while watching those with too much power, misuse and abuse it.

The good news, is that in2gr8mentalhealth CIC is at least somewhere where every voice matters and can make a real difference in how we value, support and destigmatise lived experience of mental health challenges in mental health professionals.

We have been blown away, humbled and ever so grateful to all of our beautiful community members and allies who have given their time to complete our survey. Your feedback has given us a wealth of rich data and ideas that we are excited to dig into as we plan the next year in the development of in2gr8mentalhealth CIC. We are committed to staying true to our values around genuine co-production, listening and really hearing what you have to say, and so we thank you for your participation from the bottom of our hearts. This is definitely a place where we exchange ideas and power-with wins over power-over every time.

We will be closing our survey soon, so that our fabulous research whizz can analyse and write-up- then we will feedback on all our channels what we found and what we are going to do next as a result of your input. I foresee exciting things on the horizon...

If you haven't yet told us what you think, who you are and what you need from us,

you have until Sunday 27th November to complete the survey. The link is here:

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