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The Gift Of Safe Space

Sometimes the universe offers up wonderful gifts... and keeps going! From an amazing offer of a temporary office home by peer in2gr8mentalhealth member Christine Toft, to a permanent free private office space in a week! My cousin Stefan Boyle heard of my voluntary work of in2gr8mentalhealth and is happy to support us in our endeavour by providing this. I couldn't be more grateful, and there was a tearful hug with him when I moved in this morning. For such explorations as in2gr8mentalhealth is, you first need a safe, consistent, solid base, well now we have one. I shall be able to have proper time and space to think, and help develop this organisation where it needs to go with the support of the community. I will be working here on a Friday from 9 until 5pm. I want to thank everyone who is playing a part in helping in2gr8mentalhealth help mental health professionals find a space and a voice to explore some very important issues around lived experience within our wider professional community. That needs a safe space because of stigmatised fears that are currently around it, but that is never the end of the story, it is then about linking in with the mental health systems around us in a thoughtful and planned way, to challenge and develop where necessary. It is about developing the capacity for our mental health professions to hold concurrently an open dual gaze, inwards to care for the humanity of the people who are our practitioners, and outwards to care for the people who are seeking help (whichever role people are in, as we do share them). The relationship between helper and helpee is symbiotic, each helping the other to reach a place where thriving is possible in the face of challenges, inspriation and learning is a two way street. To focus myopically on only provision or output, would threaten to starve a system of its input needs and a vital mutual energy in already straitened times.

To me, this office represents a space where I can charge my energy and focus my thoughts so that I can be able to be of help. Also, yes, that is a Star Wars desktop, Rey has skills. If you want to get in touch, email me

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