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Your Little Corner of the World

Choose partners who share your values, then business doesn't feel like work, but like joy when you strive in your heart's work. I'm on benefits currently in troubled times, but I trust in what Anna and I are doing, in the ground that's already built and I'm excited for what we are creating together. We lift each other up.

We had our first board meeting on Friday, getting our company papers organised, t&c's, privacy policies, beginning to research and stratify our offer. Between this, and having meetings with collaborators to record powerful destigmatising narratives, with other mental health professionals for the 'in conversation with' series, I'm busy!

So, today is a day for walking in the woods and finding a spot to practice Qigong which I'm finding has a real impact on gentling anxiety and building my confidence. That, and reading Brene Brown's 'Dare to Lead', reminds me that having the courage to follow my heart has never once let me down; in fact, it has led to me stepping into my power, and into heartwarming connection with others.

Don't be afraid to be everything you are out here, even if the tide seems against you. The extent to which we softly shine is the extent to which we endeavour to embrace all that is tender about us, and most importantly, seek to love it. And then find others around you who are doing the same. Lift each other up. When we come to the end of our lives, we can say we tried everything we could, to be the best we could, see the best in others, and make a difference to our corner of the world.

A link here to Anna's recent blog about her journey as a mental health professional, experiencing distress, and joining with in2gr8mentalhealth. She lifts me up, as does every single one of the mental health professionals I am currently speaking to in our 'in conversation with' series. This series is a co-creation of bravery and safety to be who we are and to help others step into that too. We do it together. We must be nothing less than a choir of voices.

All this, it makes my heart sing.

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