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Announcing! The launch of the Peerspace drop-in...

We are delighted to announce that starting from September 2024 Peerspace will become an ongoing drop-in group available to new members and to those previously who have already completed the 8 session programme or our individual mentoring.

Previous Peerspacers have consistently told us they would like an ongoing space when they completed the 8 session programme. They asked - we listened....

Since 2020 PeerSpace has been running as an 8 session programme that has been a valuable place for people to connect to share the experience of what it is like to have mental health difficulties in the mental health 

provider scene, discuss activism, give and receive nourishment, find a sense of belonging and shift internalised stigma which has lead to growth in confidence in working to 

support others.

If you are interested in connecting with a small group of peers about the challenges and the personal wisdom that tougher times have brought you, and how this can enhance your practice as a provider of mental health services, we’d be glad to welcome you to join the friendly space for support, connection, belonging, activism and nourishment.

PeerSpace is a facilitated, monthly group offering a space for mental health professionals 

with experience of mental health difficulties to connect and support each other. PeerSpace runs for 1 hour 30 minutes, sits on the last Tuesday of each month, with breaks for 

Wintering in December and Summering in August when in2gr8mentalhealth CIC closes to rest, 

nourish and play. You are welcome to attend as many or as few PeerSpace meetings as you wish. You can choose from the standard rate of £30 per person per meeting, or the benefactor rate of  £35 benefactor rate per person per meeting. The benefactor rate helps us support more people in mentoring who are on lower earnings, on benefits, or who might be currently in recovery and not 


New members can book in for an  initial conversation with us at:  Mentoring and peer-support | Worldwide | in2gr8mentalhealth

Previous PeerSpace attendees and individual mentees can get back in touch with us an

We look forward to welcoming you to your community

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