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Cross-Discipline Dialogue on Lived Experience in the Mental Health Professions

Join us tonight at 7pm on our YouTube channel for this week's 'In Conversation With' episode with Kate Snewin, Mental Health Nurse & Compassion Focused Therapist with lived experience of mental health difficulties. She talks about the impact of working in more and less compassionate cultures.

It was great hearing Kate's story and a pleasure to speak to the mental health nurses in the series. Working cross-discipline on this subject is brilliant, with the intention of further underlining it's commonality in the mental health scene and just also finding out what it is like for all of us. Making these warm connections of support stokes the fires of the heart.

Our first three episodes featured conversations on our live experiece between in2gr8 Directors Dr Natalie Kemp and Dr Anna Sicilia, and Distinguished Professor Patrick Corrigan and Chartered Clinical Psychologist Nneamaka Ekebuisi.

See them all on our YouTube channel or on our in2gr8Productions page on our website. Each of the fifteen episodes are released Monday evenings at 7pm.

Thank you for watching.


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